IDW to Partner with Twentieth Century Fox for A-Team Comics!

IDW is getting a jump on the summer movie rush! In an announcement made today, major studio Twentieth Century Fox is partnering with the indie comic book company to release a duo of series featuring the A-Team! Starting in March, IDW Publishing will release A-Team: Shotgun Wedding, a bi-weekly, four issue limited series focusing on the adventures of the team after they officially formed, and A-Team: War Stories, a series of stand-alone stories that will spotlight a different member of the renegade team each time! The film debuts on June 11, 2010, but the comics will be available during the months of March and April, with trade paperback collections of the limited series coming in May, plenty of time to catch up before seeing the film! The books will be written and drawn by a variety of talent, but one member of the project found his enthusiasm hard to contain! "Like many, I was a huge fan of the original A-Team television series in the 80's," said A-Team comic editor and co-writer Tom Waltz. "I'm happy to report, after reading the new movie script, the updated A-Team movie has all the wit, swagger and kick-ass action of the original series, but tells a story much bigger than was possible on the show. For our comics, we've worked directly with the filmmakers to build a solidly action-packed foundation for a new generation of A-Team fans." Writers such as Chuck Dixon, known for his work on G.I. Joe and Erik Burnham will handle the writing for the War Stories series, while Joe Carnahan, the movie's director, and Waltz will work on the Shotgun Wedding mini. Artists to watch for in the two series include Hugo Petrus, Casey Maloney, Alberto Muriel, Guiu Vilanova, and Stephen Mooney; watch also for covers from both John K. Snyder III for Shotgun Wedding and Michael Gaydos for War Stories.