Disney to Reboot 'The Muppets' for Original Streaming Service

(Photo: Disney)

All of your favorite Muppets are coming back for another round!

According to a new report from THR, Disney is once again looking to reboot the iconic Muppets franchise when its original streaming service launches next year.

Disney bought The Muppets franchise back in 2004, a move that has been met with both success and failure. The ABC TV series created in 2006 was despised by critics and only lasted one season. In 2011, the studio released a new Muppets movie, starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams, that was met with praise from fans and critics. However, three years later, Muppets: Most Wanted hit theaters with much less success.

This new streaming service, envisioned as a major competitor to Netflix, is being headed by OTT programming chief Agnes Chew. Disney is looking to make the service a hub for remakes, reboots, and new installments from all across its intellectual properties.

Both Marvel and Star Wars are set for new TV series on the service, along with a reboot of High School Musical, and a series based on Pixar's Monsters Inc. There have also been rumors that The Mighty Ducks will be getting a TV reboot on the service, with the original trilogy's writer already attached.


Sources have also stated that remakes of The Parent Trap, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and Father of the Bride will be the first film projects slated for the service.

As far as the launch of Disney's new streaming service, the only information that has been revealed to this point is that it will go live sometime in the fall of 2019. Details such as an official name for the service and price points have yet to be determined.