NCIS Star Pauley Perrette Confirms She's Retired After Her Latest Show Was Cancelled

NCIS star Pauley Perrette confirmed she’s retired after her latest show got canceled. Fans were wondering about her status along with the rest of their on-screen favorites. The coronavirus pandemic has thrown most planning in entertainment to the wind, and you can see the result on every channel. But, fans looking forward to Perrette continuing the journey past Season 18 need no longer wonder what’s going on. When actors take the initiative to tell fans straight up what’s going on, it can be refreshing for those holding on. For what it’s worth, Perrette sounds more than at peace with the decision and it doesn’t seem like there’s any animosity between the two sides. For those still crazing some NCIS action, the series gets going on CBS on November 17th after months of uncertainty.

She wrote on Twitter, “Does ANYONE KNOW if there’s a legal and safe way to get a freaking #tattoo and #piercing in #LosAngeles now? I’m finally (after over 4 decades!!!) not under contract to a studio or a record company or a modeling agency and can do WHATEVER I WANT! I WANT new tattoos & piercings!”

“I finally and happily retired! And this is what I was looking forward to!!! My rules in life now are “if my #rescuedogs don’t care, it’s cool! I only answer to God and animals and plants now. WOOT!!!” Perrette added.

CBS had quite a dilemma on their hands this summer. With COVID-19 still a concern for productions worldwide, filming and getting episodes down was a struggle. But, recently they announced the November premiere date and CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl delivered a written statement about the journey to this moment.


"This is hardly a traditional fall season, but we are prepared with a strong slate of original content while our regular scripted series begin production," Kahl wrote on their press site. "Based on our current timeline, we hope to start rolling out our previously announced fall series as they become available in November."

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