Neil Patrick Harris' Uncoupled Trailer Released by Netflix

Neil Patrick Harris stars in a new trailer for Uncoupled, a new Netflix series that balances romance, comedy, and drama. Uncoupled comes from Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman, the minds behind hit series such as Emily in Paris, Sex and the City, and Modern Family. Scheduled to arrive on the streamer July 29th, the eight-part Uncoupled follows Harris after he's blindsided when his husband leaves him after 17 years. Harris is forced to pick up the pieces of his life and deal with the fact that his soulmate deserted him while also being a single mid-forties gay man in New York City.

The trailer focuses on Neil Patrick Harris, who is on a New York City street holding a bouquet of roses. It's assumed this comes right after his husband left him shellshocked. He then begins slamming the roses against a trash bin as images of the couple flash before our eyes. We see some of their happier moments in bed, along with not-so-happy scenes of them in a therapy session and Harris' character sleeping alone and drinking his problems away.

Harris is snapped back to reality when he catches the eye of a handsome man walking across the street. It's at this moment Harris realizes there are other fish in the proverbial sea, and he tosses the roses into the trash instead of violently smashing them to pieces. We're told that "Breakups suck, but single life doesn't have to."

Uncoupled met some controversy back in November when actress Ada Maris called out Netflix over a Latina housekeeper role in the show's first episode. Maris felt the character of Carmen, a housekeeper for Harris' character, Michael, was written as a Latin stereotype with broken English. "When I opened it and saw that it wasn't even funny – it was hurtful and derogatory – I was shocked because I walked in expecting something very different given the way things are nowadays and the progress we've made," Maris told Variety. Netflix released a statement to Variety apologizing to Maris and stating the character would be cut from the show.

"We're sorry that Ms. Maris had a negative experience, and this character will not appear in the series," a Netflix spokesman said.


The logline for Uncoupled reads: "Michael (Neil Patrick Harris) thought his life was perfect until his husband blindsides him by walking out the door after 17 years. Overnight, Michael has to confront two nightmares — losing what he thought was his soulmate and suddenly finding himself a single gay man in his mid-forties in New York City."