Netflix Renews Green Eggs and Ham for Season 2

Fans of Dr. Seuss are in for a treat! Earlier this year, Netflix released the first season of the animated Green Eggs and Ham series to critical acclaim. The series followed Sam I Am and Guy Am I on a wild adventure to protect the endangered Chickeraffe. All 13 episodes of the first season are a great mix of silly and heartfelt, and it looks like enough people tuned in to cause Netflix to order more. On Friday morning, the streaming service announced that Green Eggs and Ham is coming back for a second installment.

Netflix posted a video to YouTube and its various social media channels that featured the voice of the Green Eggs and Ham narrator, Keegan-Michael Key, giving a speech about wrapping presents in breakfast-scented paper. At the end, of the bit, he revealed that Green Eggs and Ham was officially renewed.

"The secret to gift-giving success? Unwrap the sweet, sweet smell of breakfast with scented paper of the ham and egg variety," Key said in the video. "Mmm, bacon. Christmas morning will smell more like morning. Kwanzaa will smell like a brunch bonanza. Hanukkah will smell a bit more Bourgeois. And non-denominational gifts will smell phenomenal. And what is this? Another gift for you? A surprise second helping, there's a Season 2!"

The second season of Green Eggs and Ham will be 10 episodes in length, down from the 13 in the first installment. You can read Netflix's synopsis for Season 2 below.


"Sam and Guy's adventures continue in an all-new season that takes them around the globe and outside their comfort zones as they get caught between two sides of a delicious conflict."

Adam Devine starred in the first season Green Eggs and Ham as Sam I Am, and was joined by Michael Douglas, Ilana Glazer, Diane Keaton, Keegan-Michael Key, Eddie Izzard, Jeffrey Wright, Jillian Bell, John Turturro, Tracy Morgan, and Daveed Diggs. The series was created by Jared Stern and is produced by Helen Kalafatic and Warner Bros. Animation. Ellen DeGeneres, Jared Stern, Sam Register, Mike Karz, David Dobkin, and Jeff Kleeman all serve as executive producers.