Netflix Announces Return Date For One of Its Best Comedy Series

It's officially Turbo Time, because we now know when Season 3 of I Think You Should Leave will be making its debut. On Friday, Netflix's official Twitter account confirmed that Season 3 of the beloved sketch comedy series will be premiering on the platform on Tuesday, May 30th. This comes after there were vague teases of the new release date last month, with the official Netflix Is a Joke Instagram account uploading a photo of a box labeled "First Date — ITYSL3," seemingly teasing a release date announcement for the third season of I Think You Should Leave

What is I Think You Should Leave about?

I Think You Should Leave provides a collection of short, surreal, and undeniably hilarious sketches, courtesy of Tim Robinson and co-creator Zach Kanin. Co-stars on the series include Sam Richardson, Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer, Tim Heidecker, Steven Yeun, Paul Walter-Hauser and Bob Odenkirk. The first two seasons have become cult classics among fans, spawning original characterss including Bart Harley Jarvis, Karl Havoc, Car Focus Group Guy, Chunky, and the "We're all trying to find the guy who did this" Hot Dog Guy. The series was renewed for a third season last year.

"Zach [Kanin] and I just found ourselves writing a lot of scenes like that, where the person is refusing to admit they've done something wrong, or lying, and will do anything to cover that up," Robinson previously told GQ. "So it became the theme of the whole show because we kept gravitating towards writing those scenes."

Will Detroiters come back?

Another show involving Robinson, Kanin, and Richardson that has a special place in fans' hearts is Detroiters, which aired on Comedy Central from 2017 to 2018.

"A hundred percent, we'd want to go back," Richardson shared with "I love Detroiters so much, and there was so much more that we want to do with it. So we've gotten ... I think it got clipped off the tree before it was fully, fully bare. I love and I am very proud of those first two seasons, but I'm also curious to what we would have done had we done more, and we still want to do more."

"We text each other, the creators, me, Tim, Joe [Kelly], and Zach [Kanin], we text each other plot points, pitches still," Richardson continued. "Even if it's just for us to laugh about, we'll like text out ... [I don't want to] give those away, because who knows if we do come back, I don't want to burn a hilarious thing. We'll send it back and then we'll just start to stockpile and it kind of just snowballs and we come up with these episodes. So if we got the chance to do it again, we a hundred percent would love it."

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