Netflix's The I-Land Trailer Looks a Lot Like LOST

Is the first trailer for Netflix's The I-Land a new take on LOST? Or a sci-fi/horror take on The Good Place? Whatever it is, the trailer has dropped and fans are wondering what the heck it is they're seeing. The network is being secretive about the series -- which, like LOST, appears to thrive on a sense of mystery that extends from the characters to the viewers and includes the very basics of what's going on and what the setting is. You can see the trailer above.

The cast includes former Lois Lane actress Kate Bosworth, along with Alex Pettyfer, Natalie Martinez, Michelle Veintimilla, and more. It seemingly centers around a group of people who awake on an island with no memories of their past and are presented with a series of challenges and mysteries that they have to overcome and solve in order to make it off the island alive. Along the way, it seems, they will be struggling to remember who they were before all of this begana nd why someone might have wanted to do this to them in the first place.


Here's the official synopsis for the series, which is about as vague as you can get and still be using actual words: "Chosen… tested… a group of strangers will soon find out that paradise isn’t all it seems. Find out what darker realities lies beneath the surface on the new thrilling Netflix Limited Series, The I-Land."

Whatever it's about, The I-Land is set to debut on Netflix on September 12.

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