Orphan Black: The Next Chapter: Another Original Cast Member to Return For Season 2

A familiar face from Clone Club is back for Orphan Black: The Next Chapter. On Thursday, the audio entertainment company Realm revealed that Kristian Bruun will be reprising his role as Donnie Hendrix for the audio series' second season. Bruun will join series star Tatiana Maslany, who has narrated the audio series since its inception, as well as returning cast members Evelyne Brochu and Jordan Gavaris. The first episode of Season 2 of Orphan Black: The Next Chapter will be available on Friday, October 29th, with new episodes being released every Friday starting November 19th. Realm also announced today that AMC Networks, parent company of Orphan Black's original network BBC America, will co-produce the second season of the podcast along with current producers Boat Rocker.

"I am thrilled to be stepping into Donnie's shoes once again for this exciting continuation of the Orphan Black story," Bruun said in a statement. "The best part is it's audio, so I don't have to wear any dad jeans or tight briefs!"

"We are thrilled to bring a new audio season of Orphan Black to #CloneClub fans worldwide," Realm founder Molly Barton said. "The opportunity to expand this franchise, in collaboration with the actors who made this show a cultural phenomenon, gives us an enormous sense of pride. Thanks to our friends at Boat Rocker, who were with us on this audio journey from day one, and to AMC Networks for their continued belief in this show. Storytelling like this is our North Star and we couldn't imagine having better partners to join us on this ride."

"We're grateful for our partnership with Realm and pleased that the Orphan Black franchise continues to grow," David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg, Co-Executive Chairmen of Boat Rocker Media and Co-Chairmen, Boat Rocker Studios, added. "We're confident fans of the series are going to be entertained by this new season of captivating storytelling brought to life by the incredibly talented cast."

Picking up eight months after season one left off, season two of Orphan Black: The Next Chapter explores the continuing fallout of the clones being outed to the world: the ways in which different clones cope with their exposure-or fail to; how loneliness is not easily overcome, even among hundreds of genetic identicals; and the power of family-chosen and unchosen-to rally not only against those who mean them harm, but also in support of one another. Plus, there are new developments for Cosima and Delphine; new drama for Alison and Donnie; new purpose for Sarah; a return to action for Helena; unexpected turns for Rachel; trouble for Charlotte; new misadventures for Felix; the return of clone CIA agent Vivi Valdez, and the introduction of several prominent new clones. In the podcast series, Maslany, who portrays all adult clones including Sarah Manning, Cosima Niehaus, Alison Hendrix, Helena, Rachel Duncan, and Vivi Valdez, is joined by Bruun, as well as Evelyne Brochu plays Delphine Cormier and Jordan Gavaris returns as Felix Dawkins.

"It's awesome," Maslany told ComicBook.com last year about the enduring support of Clone Club. "It's such an incredibly rewarding thing, to know that people still connect to it and that it meant something to people. So many of our fans are still actively making fanart, or writing about the show, or writing about the science of the show, making videos, and cosplaying as the characters. It's just so wild to see that impact. It's really rewarding, because it's so infrequent that that kind of thing happens."