Outer Banks Season 3 Reveals First Trailer With 2023 Release Date

John B and company are making their way back to Netflix. Saturday's virtual Tudum festival revealed the first look at Outer Banks Season 3 alongside confirmation that the third installment will arrive in 2023. The teaser opens with the lyrics of The Heavy Heavy's "All My Dreams" as viewers are taken around the deserted island that the Pogues occupied at the conclusion of Season 2. Rudy Pankow's JJ fastens a makeshift flag to a palm tree which reads "Poguelandia." Rounding out the crew are Madelyn Cline's Sarah Cameron, Madison Bailey's Kie, Jonathan Daviss's Pope, Carlacia Grant's Cleo, and Chase Stokes's John B.

"My pops always said nothing good comes easy," John B narrates. "Nothing worthy is given. The question is, what are you willing to do to win? How far will you go to get your treasure?"

While the opening frames place the Pogues on "Poguelandia," quick cuts reveal that the group will eventually make its way back to civilization. It appears that the collective are all still personas non gratas, as a K9 dog chases them through a field. Halfway through the trailer comes the return of Drew Starkey's Rafe Cameron, who is shown getting into a fight with an unknown character in the back of a truck. Other quick frames reveal Sarah Cameron's reunion with Austin North's Topper, John B's beat up Volkswagen van swerving through the street, Elizabeth Mitchell's Carla Limbrey looking concerned, Charles Esten's Ward Cameron guarding the Cross of Santo Domingo, and JJ doing a flip off the cliffs of Poguelandia.

OBX 3 only recently wrapped production as it concluded filming on September 16th. This season's production stretched for over seven months and ventured across the globe. Considering the second season wrapped filming in April 2021 and was streaming on Netflix just three months later in July 2021, fans could hypothetically see Outer Banks Season 3 arrive as early as this upcoming January. That said, the series has commonly planted its flags in summer months, so there's a good chance that even if its ready by January, Netflix will sit on it until the warm weather comes around.

"I think a lot of loose ends are going to get tied up. A lot of questions will be answered," Stokes teased of the third season's narrative in April. "And per usual, these kids are going to get put through the wringer."

Outer Banks Season 3 streams on Netflix in 2023.