Pedro Pascal Confronts a The Last of Us Clicker in First SNL promo

Ahead of his first time hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, a promo for The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal's upcoming appearance on the comedy variety series has arrived, and as one might expect it ties into his hit HBO series. In the video Pascal appears at studio 8H, only to hear some wild noises and see spooky shadows. When investigating what's going on the actor is confronted by none other than a Clicker from his new show, the fungal zombie that hunts its prey via echolocation. Without spoiling the end, things don't go as you expect. Check it out below.

Considering Pascal's place in popular culture it's going to be an easy bet to predict that there will be some kind of sketch this weekend that lampoons The Last of Us, The Mandalorian, Wonder Woman 1984, Narcos, or Game of Thrones. Cast member Kyle Mooney is no longer a regular part of the series anymore, having previously played the part of Grogu/Baby Yoda on Weekend Update in recent years, otherwise it would be almost a guarantee that a Star Wars sketch would occur. Since the first preview for SNL features someone in Clicker make-up, one might also assume that they won't waste that for just one preview, which also seems likely.

A major trend for SNL this season has been hosts making light of their famous roles, or even reprising them in a major way. Elvis star Austin Butler starred in an Elvis-themed sketch during his episode, Dave Chappelle reprised multiple characters from his hit Chappelle's Show, Steve Martin & Martin Short reprised their Father of the Bride characters, Aubrey Plaza appeared as her Parks and Recreation character April Ludgate, and Michael B. Jordan appeared as Adonis Creed. In short, it's probably going to happen this weekend too.  

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