Perry Mason Season 2 Set in 1933, Halfway Done Filming

After a great debut back in 2020, the Perry Mason reboot series is making its way back to HBO for a second season. The Matthew Rhys-starring detective series was renewed by HBO shortly after its first season and production is currently underway for Season 2. In fact, according to star Shea Whigham, work on Perry Mason's second season is already halfway over, meaning that the series return can't be too far away.

Whigham recently spoke to Collider and confirmed that the production is "about halfway through the second season." He also revealed that the second season will move forward in time just a little bit, taking place in 1933.

"We're in '33 in Perry Mason. Perry is in the soup again, and he's gotta try to figure his way out," Whigham said. "Hopefully, Strickland can help him navigate that."

Part of the challenge of bringing Perry Mason to HBO was getting younger audiences invested in the iconic TV character. Speaking to AV Club last year, Rhys talked about the challenge of getting people of various ages to connect with this new take on Perry Mason.

"I would agree about the 40," he began. "I think that's, to me, where the cutoff comes in. Where people kind of 40 and up to about like 50. They go, 'Ah yeah! Perry Mason. Yeah, my dad, my mom, my grandma, my grandpa used to watch that. 50 plus, you start to get that, 'Oh yeah, I used to watch that with my grandma.' Like 60 and up, then they're like, 'Oh, that was a great show, you're no patch on Raymond Burr.'"

"I was very aware of this iconic character, this iconic show was enormous," Rhys continued. "But, I was also buoyed by the fact that this was going to be very different. A very new or reimagined Perry Mason. There was going to be no placid attempt at a remake. This was a reimagining. I think they were very shrewd in making it. We have one case that spans the eight episodes, which really allows all these incredible characters to evolve and to develop, and or you as an audience to follow. I'm glad I didn't have to solve something every week, otherwise, that would be exhausting."

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