SDCC 2018: 'Preacher' Panel Recap

The panel begins with a trailer of what's to come over the course of Season 3. The cast and producers are then brought onto the stage. Sam Catlin, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, and Joseph Gilgun are all in attendance.

Teri Schwartz starts by asking how the three producers integrated Angelville into the show. Catlin responds by saying, "We always knew we had to back to Angelville. It wouldn't be Preacher if we didn't go back and visit Gran'ma and TC and Jody." Cooper adds that he had to establish the Angelville backstory all way back in the first season. "He's struggling to fight off who he was and what he became. He has his grandmother's blood in his veins."

Catlin goes on to say that casting Betty Buckley as Gran'ma was a no-brainer. He says that the character is so complex that only an actor of Buckley's talent could pull it off. "She does all these things in her mind for love and continuity."

Ruth Negga teases that Tulip will be very creative in her fight scenes as the season continues, and that she will be using some creative weapons in those sequences.

When it comes to scripting fight scenes, the writers often put the oddities into the actual scripts, and they will usually talk with the fight coordinator when writing.

The three actors are asked how they think that the love triangle between their characters will play out, Cooper quickly says that it will end in disaster. "I think it's on the verge of imploding and over the course of this season it keeps fracturing. Hopefully they'll find a way to resolve it, but I'm not necessarily sure if anything will get resolved by the end of this season."

Negga says Tulip is a little more hopeful than the two men. "It's a very deep and soulful connection and I don't think either of them would ever risk losing that."

Rogen and Goldberg are asked about why they chose the third season as the time to introduce Angelville, and they say that it was just the right fit for the story and it lined up with the timing of the comics.

An image of the All-Father is shown and he's totally disgusting. Seth Rogen says that there is a scene in the season where the All-Father eats a horse. "He's truly just a bizarre character and we deliver on that promise."

The group teases the introduction of the new vampires as well. "There's a lot of vampiric stuff going down," says Gilgun.

Negga discusses Tulip's ever-growing relationship with Featherstone and how they will continue to work together this season. She says that, in Featherstone, Tulip has met her match. "It's sort of exciting to see Tulip undercut by her wish."

The Saint of Killers is going to be on a bounty hunt trying to bring Hitler and Eugene back to hell. When asked how to write for Hitler and Satan, Rogen replies, "We just go on Twitter."


Rogen tees up a clip from the upcoming episode. In the clip, Tulip talks to Jesse and brings up the idea of killing Gran'ma. They're interrupted by Jody and TC who come upstairs to fight them. All hell breaks loose and the four engage in a massive brawl. 'Werewolves of London' plays in the background. When the clip ends, the cast and crew break down the mechanics that went into the fight scene.

The floor is given over to fan questions for the remainder of the panel.