Price Is Right Contestant Breaks Record

Being on time and ready for the task at hand is a quality that most people would want in their [...]

Being on time and ready for the task at hand is a quality that most people would want in their co-workers or person providing a service for them. One The Price Is Right contestant has taken that virtue to heart in a pretty serious way. Los Angeles native Rosendo Alvarez broke a record for audience attendance at the storied gameshow with his latest appearance on the show today. The superman has been on The Price Is Right a staggering 180 times over the course of the show's history.

Alvarez made the most of this recent visit as he came up big during his time on the show. He got called up to play a round of Pushover. For the uninitiated, the game presents contestants with a row of nine numbered blocks, and the goal is to discover the price of a prize in the right order. Alvarez made quick work of those blocks and managed to snag himself $35,000 and a brand new car. It was just another great moment on a day where the show celebrated episode number 9,000.

The question then becomes how long ago was Alvarez's first visit to the studios to see The Price Is Right? He actually attended a taping back in 1994, when Bob Barker was the host. Barker actually took over for the series after CBS signed off on a revival of the popular gameshow in 1972. What followed was a massively successful run that saw the host show up almost daily until 2007. The Price Is Right is actually the longest-tenured daytime game show to air in North American history.

Barker would retire from hosting in 2017 and Drew Carey would step in to take the reins of the CBS mainstay. That wouldn't be the last viewers would see of Barker, he's appeared on the show three times since stepping away. The first of those appearances being an episode from April of 2009 where he promoted his autobiography Priceless Memories. Barker made another surprise appearance to celebrate his 90th birthday.

The last appearance to date was on April Fools Day episode where he popped up as a fun joke for longtime fans. Barker has done other game show work over time and acted in television shows and movies. Adam Sandley's Happy Gilmore is an appearance that will stick in mind for a lot of fans because of the surprising knack for comedy the veteran host displayed. Sandler also helps with the production of the show now in a management role.

Maybe he and Alvarez can take a second to catch up now that his most experienced audience member has won the big one.