Quantum Leap Star Says "Significant Conversations" About Reboot are Happening

With reboots and revivals being very popular across the current entertainment landscape, many beloved shows are getting a chance to come back to continue old stories, tell new stories, or even redo disappointing or controversial endings. One such series with a controversial ending that fans would like to see get a reboot is Quantum Leap and according to series star Scott Bakula, significant conversations about a comeback for the sci-fi series have been taking place.

During an appearance on Bob Saget's Here for You podcast (via Gizmodo), Bakula said that conversations are going on, though issues of rights to the series could remain a hurdle.

"There's very significant conversations about it right now going on," Bakula said. "I don't know what it would be. I don't know who would have it. The rights were a mess for years. I don't know if they're even sorted out now. That's always been the biggest complication."

Quantum Leap ran for five seasons and 97 total episodes on NBC between 1989 and 1993 and followed the story of Sam Beckett (Bakula), a physicist who upon losing funding for his time-travel project, decides to test his theory that time-travel within one's own lifetime is possible before anyone can stop him. He soon discovers that his "leap" into the past temporarily puts him in the place of another person and with the help of a hologram of his best friend Al Calavicci (Dean Stockwell), realizes that he has to correct issues from the past in order to "leap" back out.

Bakula has previously spoken about the possibility of a Quantum Leap reboot or revival and suggested he'd be willing to be a part of one if given the opportunity. He even had some idea of how a reboot could work as its own story as well as address the way the original series ended with Sam never making the leap home permanently, though he did get to leap back a few times to visit his wife and it's those visits that are key.

"There certainly is a child that could've come from any of those trips back," Bakula said earlier this year. "That's one of the ideas, and it seems like a good idea. We all know that Sam's still out there, and I always tell people that should be comforting - that he's still out there fixing things that once went wrong."

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