'Riverdale': Lili Reinhart Teases Betty and Chic Cooper's Dynamic

While the Black Hood mystery still feels unsettled despite Mr. Svenson being revealed as the killer in Riverdale's midseason finale, there is at least one thing that fans of The CW show can count on when the show returns in January. Betty Cooper's long-lost brother, Chic Cooper, will make his arrival and now, Lili Reinhart is opening up about what fans can expect when the Cooper siblings meet.

In a recent interview with Glamour, Reinhart explains that there is no real delay between the midseason finale's events and where things pick up in the new year which means that the show will waste no time reuniting the Cooper family -- which will bring Betty's mental health back into focus.

"You definitely see that a lot more in the second half of the season,' Reinhart explained. "When Betty digs her nails into her hands, it's kind of when things are happening with her family. That's her trigger, whether it be her mother, her brother, or Polly."

While Betty looks the part of the girl next door on Riverdale -- and she is, literally, Archie's (KJ Apa) next door neighbor -- it was established during the show's first season that beneath the surface, Betty has some mental health concerns. In addition to the "Dark Betty" persona that emerged when she confronted Chuck Clayton over slut shaming Veronica -- a confrontation that resulted in an unhinged Betty nearly drowning Chuck in a hot tub -- Betty was also seen digging her nails into her palms before. Though, in the second half of season two, Reinhart says that self harm may serve as a way for Betty to bond with Chic.

"I think that's something to keep in mind," she said. "She's very curious to see if he has that darkness inside him as well. There might be some sister/brother bonding over mental health issues."


Even if Chic (Hart Denton) doesn't have the same darkness that Betty has, fans can still expect that the changes to the Cooper family won't go smoothly. Fans got their first look at Chic in a promo for the upcoming midseason premiere and the first meeting of Alice and Chic initially appears to go well, we also see a brief look at a crying Alice comforted by Betty in the car presumably outside Chic's apartment. It's a hint that the reunion between Alice and the son she gave up for adoption while she was in high school, may not go quite as planned.

Riverdale returns from midseason hiatus on January 17, 2018.