'Riverdale': Shannon Purser Teases "A New Side" of Ethel in Season 3

Riverdale's third season is set to bring about a lot of changes, and it looks like one [...]

Riverdale's third season is set to bring about a lot of changes, and it looks like one fan-favorite character won't be immune.

Shannon Purser, who portrays Ethel Muggs on the hit The CW series, recently teased what fans might be able to expect from her character in an interview with Bustle. Even though Ethel has only appeared sporadically throughout Riverdale thus far, she hinted that there will be more of her character, and that fans will get to discover new things about her.

"There's definitely more Ethel in Season 3, so fans can definitely look forward to that and it's definitely interesting," Purser revealed. "I can't give away too much, but she definitely undergoes some pretty big changes... there's a new side of her [fans] haven't seen before. I think it plays a very interesting part in the story this season."

For diehard Riverdale fans, that will surely be an interesting notion, especially considering how Ethel has already factored into the show. After being introduced as one of the women affected by the football team's burn book, Ethel's storyline largely centered around her family's previous business dealings with Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos), which had put them in a less-than-positive place. This ultimately culminated in Ethel dumping a milkshake on Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) during school, sabotaging Veronica's student council campaign, and being briefly implicated in the death of Midge Klump (Emilija Baranac).

It's safe to say that Ethel has become more in tune with her darker side, so much so that fans briefly speculated that she was helping the Black Hood. There's no telling if Ethel's Season 3 storyline does end up having these sort of dark connotations, or if something totally else is at play here.

Either way, Ethel Muggs seems to be just one of the many reasons that fans should be excited for Riverdale's third season, and all of the various storylines that will come about.

"You know, our show is ever-evolving." Ashleigh Murray, who plays Josie McCoy, said in a recent interview. "So sometimes, we have these really great ideas and really great plans that don't always come to fruition, because maybe something else might come up that works better. But we do have some really great things in the works. We're very, very lucky. Roberto is so open to conversations about what we'd like to see for our characters, which is very rare."

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The season three premiere of Riverdale, which is titled "Labor Day", will debut on Wednesday, October 10th, at 8/7c on The CW.