'Riverdale': Madchen Amick Teases a "Treacherous" Season 3 Premiere

If a recent teaser for the upcoming third season of Riverdale are any indication, there are going to be some major twists and turns on The CW drama and according to Alice Cooper actress Madchen Amick, those twists and turns will kick off with a "treacherous" season premiere.

Speaking with Popsugar at Variety's Power of Young Hollywood Event in Los Angeles this week, Amick was asked about the Archie Comics-inspired series' third season and in addition to teasing a treacherous premiere, she opened up a bit about how Alice will be dealing with things in season three.

As fans recall, the entire Cooper family has been through something of a nightmare. Not only did Alice have to endure find her long-lost son, Chic, only to discover she'd really found a stranger and her real son was dead but she also discovered that her estranged husband, Hal, is actually the Black Hood serial killer. It's a lot to process and Amick says that will lead Alice to get in deeply with the cult her daughter Polly (Tiera Skovbye) is involved with.

"Alice gets lured into the very mysterious and troublesome cult that's been moving, and that Polly's been involved in," Amick said. "She's going in deep because she's looking to heal her wounds. And she thinks this is a way she can kind of make amends with what happened to the Cooper family."

Unfortunately, it's something may not go over well with all of the Cooper family. Lili Reinhart explained at San Diego Comic-Con that Betty will want to stay far away from Alice, Polly, and their cult.

'Alice and Polly kind of attack [Betty], and their new weird spirituality with the Farm makes them tell her that she needs to listen to her soul and really confront her problems," Reinhart explained. "And so, Betty wants to stay far, far away from them."

Betty wanting distance from her family is something Amick acknowledges but can also see a bright side to.


"It's hard. Her hands are full. So, it leaves Betty to have to deal with this alone," Amick said. But there's obviously a bright side: Betty's pretty well-equipped to handle her own baggage. "I feel like Betty is the adult of the family; she takes care of everyone, she's the top of the pyramid. And, you know, Alice thinks that she is, but she's not. Betty's way smarter."

The season three premiere of Riverdale, which is titled “Labor Day“, will debut on Wednesday, October 10th, at 8/7c on The CW.