'Riverdale' Tie-In Novels Coming From Scholastic

If The CW's Riverdale wasn't enough for you, you'll soon be able to get your fix in novel format, too.

Scholastic has acquired rights to publish not just companion books, but original fiction based on the television series, according to Entertainment Weekly. The first books under this acquisition are set to hit shelves this fall with the August 28 release of the Riverdale Student Handbook. Set to be an in-world guide, the Handbook will offer fans the information they need "about surviving Riverdale High."

Following the Handbook will be Riverdale: The Day Before - The Prequel Novel. A young adult original fiction novel, the book is said to tell the story of Riverdale prior to the debut of The CW series' first season. Written by Micol Ostow, the book will arrive during the holiday series and, in addition to telling the story from the point of view of the main characters a bonus section will include such extra, juicy bits as Hiram Lodge's arrest sheet, parts of Jughead's novel, Josie's lyrics, and Betty and Veronica's notes.

Debra Dorfman, Vice President and Publisher of Global Licensing, Media and Brands at Scholastic told Entertainment Weekly that bringing the Archie Comics inspired stories to Scholastic is a perfect fit.

"I grew up reading Archie Comics and always wanted to be Veronica," Dorfman said. "When I heard that Riverdale was going to be a new teen drama I immediately knew that Scholastic and Archie would make great partners. Both companies have been able to withstand the test of time, creating life-long readers and fans."

While Riverdale: The Day Before comes out after the show's third season is well under way, the Handbook might be just what they need to prepare. As we saw in the second season finale which aired last week, there were some dramatic changes at Riverdale High, particularly for Archie (KJ Apa) who, moments before being sworn in as new student body president was arrested for murder thanks to Hiram's machinations. With Riverdale so firmly the grasp of Hiram and his "Legion of Doom" one can only assume Riverdale High is as well.

Riverdale will return this fall for its third season and will continue to air on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, followed by episodes of All-American, a new drama that follows a football star after being recruited to move from the wrong side of the tracks and come play for a wealthy, high-profile school with a famous coach.

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