Roswell New Mexico: Aisha Tyler Directs "The Diner"

The CW has released the official synopsis for "The Diner", the upcoming ninth episode of Roswell, New Mexico's second season set to air on Monday, May 11th. Aisha Tyler directs the episode and, from the sound of things, some uncomfortable truths about the aliens' history will come to light as Michael (Michael Vlamis) and Isobel (Lily Cowles) learn more about what happened to their mothers. The episode will also see the return of guest star Jason Behr -- who played Max in the original Roswell series -- as Tripp Manes.

Earlier this season, the series explored the 1947 UFO crash that brought the aliens to Earth, showing how Nora (Kayla Ewell) and Louise (Cassandra Jean Amell) survived the crash and escape Tripp and the military with the pods appearing to contain Michael, Isobel, and Max (Nathan Parsons). While Nora died at Caulfield in Season 1 after decades of confinement and experimentation, Michael recently learned that Nora and Louise managed to remain hidden at the Long farm for a year.

That quest for information about who they are and what happened to them is something that Parsons recently said is largely Michael's journey, but involves questions that the whole alien trio has -- especially as it may have connections to the idea that those on their home planet may be looking for them.

"Well, I think that's definitely a worry in the back of my mind. You know, so much happened at the very end of last season with all the bombs that Noah dropped about who we are and where we come from," Parsons said. "Then getting swept up in this crazy battle and getting this surge of just rip-roaring energy and healing Michael's hand and resurrecting people and all this crazy, that there was never a moment of like what the hell is going on? What is he talking about? What is this? And Michael had been on that journey, Caulfield and that whole thing to try and kind of learn more about it. Michael, Max, and Isobel ultimately all have the same questions when it comes to where we come from."

You can check out the official synopsis below.


AISHA TYLER DIRECTS THE EPISODE — After uncovering a surprising connection to their past, Michael (Michael Vlamis) and Isobel (Lily Cowles) learn the painful truth about the night Tripp (guest star Jason Behr) attacked their mothers. Meanwhile, Alex (Tyler Blackburn) confronts his father (Trevor St. John) about their troubled family history. Elsewhere, Kyle’s (Michael Trevino) first date with Steph (guest star Justina Adorno) takes an awkward turn after Liz (Jeanine Mason) inadvertently becomes a third wheel. Nathan Dean also stars. Aisha Tyler directed the episode written by Steve Stringer & Carina Adly MacKenzie and teleplay by Steve Stringer, Alanna Bennet & Carina Adly MacKenzie.

Roswell, New Mexico airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW. "The Diner" airs May 11th.

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