Ryan Reynolds Wants Netflix to Renew Anne With an E After Cancellation

This week saw the release of the third season of Anne With an E, which will also serve as the final season of the series as of now due to Netflix and the CBC ceasing their working relationship. As you can guess, many fans of the series were stunned when the news was revealed earlier this year and multiple fan campaigns have erupted in hopes of saving the Canadian series based on Anne of Green Gables. But one notable fan might provide the best signal boost yet, as beloved actor Ryan Reynolds has chimed in with a plea for Netflix.

Reynolds took to Twitter to campaign for the show's renewal after finishing Season 3, hoping that it won't be as advertised.

Reynolds was replying to a Netflix social media account that promoted his recommendation of 6 Underground, his newest film with director Michael Bay. But it's the promotion of Anne With an E that caused him to respond, hoping that we get at least three more seasons now that this one has finished.

If we're sticking with Canadian stereotypes, it makes sense that Reynolds would be a fan of the show. The book series Anne of Green Gables is seminal reading for Canadian youngsters, and the original TV show based on those books was very popular in the country.

People are hopeful that Netflix will move on with the show without involvement from the CBC, but it's unclear if that's even possible with the current contracts. Series creator Moira Walley-Becket did express a desire to finish the story if given the opportunity.

"The fan support and love for Anne With an E is overwhelming, heartening, and wonderful — how I love these Kindred Spirits," Walley-Beckett says "This proves to me how much this show has connected with a diverse audience around the world and how meaningful it is to everyone. I am incredibly proud of these three seasons. Creating Anne with an E was an amazing experience — it was my heart project and I gave all of myself to it. I'm so grateful to my extraordinary cast, crew, writers, and directors for passionately bringing my vision to life."

She added, "I will miss this show forever and a day. That being said, I'd love to write an AWAE finale feature film…"


The third and final season of Anne With an E is now streaming on Netflix.