Saturday Night Live Rips Marvel's X-Men in Hilarious Game Show Sketch

There's one guarantee with every episode of Saturday Night Live, no matter the host, no matter the musical guest, the first sketch after the monologue will be game show parody. This week's episode of the series, hosted by Jenna Ortega, featured a "School vs School" game show, once again with Kenan Thompson as the host. One of the school's in the contest is a normal high school, and the other, a direct parody of Marvel's X-Men and Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, known as "Professor Zander's Academy for Extraordinary Children," check it out below.

In the sketch, host Jenna Ortega appears as Zena, a character clearly modeled after Marvel's Rogue. Alongside her is Mikey Day as "Professor Zander," the parody of Professor X that leads the school and demands she learn to control her powers (not unlike the real character). Flanking him on the other side is Molly Kearney as "Knockout," a character that seems like a parody of Strong Guy and other bewildering X-Men characters.

The recurring joke of the sketch was Professor Zander screaming at his students, insisting they don't know how to handle their powers. Naturally the cherry on top of this is when he unleashes his own psychic abilties, seemingly making the teacher on the other side of the set become brain dead. Watch the full thing for yourself.

Both Marvel and Jenna Ortega fans immediately loved her larger-than-life parody of Rogue, which featured the trademark white streak in the hair. "Not the X-Men on #SNL is hilarious," tweeted one user. "I guess someone REALLY wants to play Rouge. I'm sold!" 

Given the set-up for the sketch, school vs school, many viewers assumed that parody of Netflix's Wednesday was on the horizon. "Well that was a misdirection!" one viewer added. "I was expecting Wednesday and Enid in a high school bit, not X-Men."