Simu Liu Featured in Disney+ Day Trailer

Ready or not, Disney+ Day is coming. The event, which Disney planned to make some key announcements about its streaming plans (and likely to show off a few clips, too), is set for Friday, November 12, and ahead of the event, a new trailer is showing off some of the highlights of Disney+'s 2021, the streamer's second year of operation and the point where its expansive Marvel and Star Wars streaming strategies started to come into a fuller focus. Fans expect lots of goodies out of those brands in particular during Disney+ day, so it's maybe no coincidence that stars of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings appearar in the new teaser.

Framing the event as "celebrate the last year with us" is an interesting stategy considering how it has been sold up to now. It's possible that this is Disney's way of managing expectations, since fans often want more video content than they actually get. It's equally plausible that fans will see a "past/present/future" approach to promoting the event in the first three days of the week. That would make sense, given that Thursday is a global day of remembrance (Armistice Day/Veteran's Day), and promotion is likely to be a little more subdued that day.

You can see it below.

"The direct-to-consumer business is the company's top priority," Disney chief Bob Chapek said back in August. "Among the unique advantages in promoting our service, our powerhouse brands, and the best array of direct-to-consumer touchpoints that we have across our businesses from the media networks to the theme parks to the consumer products. The synergy enables us to raise consumer awareness and engage with the screening services."

Describing Disney+ Day as taking "a balanced approach between global and local product," Chapek told investors at the time, "We're going to have a real exciting lineup, as you might guess, as we approach those consumers that have not yet signed up for Disney+ with a really attractive group of titles to be announced...It gives us an opportunity to provide a focal point for consumers that have not yet tripped over to Disney+."

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