Saturday Night Live: Elon Musk Want You to Give Him Ideas for Skits

This time next week, Elon Musk will be getting ready to hit the stage at 30 Rock for his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live. Even after backlash from fans and castmembers alike, it appears NBC is still moving forward with the entrepreneur's hosting gig as Saturday afternoon, Musk started soliciting skit suggestions from fans on social media.

"Throwing out some skit ideas for SNL. What should I do?" the SpaceX head asked his 52 million Twitter followers. In a thread, he laid down some ideas — most of which appear to be jokes in and off themselves, hopefully — while taking suggestions from his fans and followers.

His first suggestion? Irony Man, a superhero that "defeats villains using the power of irony." As it turns out, it appears Musk is very well aware of his comparisons to a real-life Tony Stark.

Next up is a revival of Baby Shark, and mashing it up with a show some of his peers frequent. "Baby Shark & Shark Tank merge to form Baby Shark Tank," Musk added.

The news of Musk's hosting debut first surfaced last week in a tweet from Miley Cyrus, who will be making her sixth stop on the show. Though the announcement same on Saturday, Musk didn't break his silence on the job until Sunday evening in a tweet that's since been lampooned by SNL cast member Bowen Yang.

In an Instagram Story slide that's now since disappeared, Yang asked "What the f-ck does this even mean?" while sharing a screenshot of Musk's tweet that read, "Let's find out just how live Saturday Night Live really is."


Saturday Night Live is still on a month-long hiatus through tonight and will return with Musk and Cyrus next weekend on May 8th. With Season 45 being cut short last year due to the global pandemic, it has yet to be seen how many episodes they'll go with the finish out Season 46. Judging by years prior to last year, however, it stands to reason the SNL crew will only have three episodes or so left before breaking for the summer.

New episodes of Saturday Night Live typically air beginning at 11:30 p.m. Eastern on NBC.