Todd McFarlane Talks Possibility Of Connection Between Spawn And Sam And Twitch TV Series

Nearly 20 years after the first feature film adaptation of Spawn, creator Todd McFarlane is writing and directing a new live-action take on the character. When spoke with the creator at New York Comic Con, McFarlane teased that there could potentially be a crossover between his film and the potential Sam and Twitch TV series, inspired by two detectives from the Spawn universe.

"There's a potential," McFarlane revealed. "The deal I made with BBC America, they don't get Spawn, Spawn's not part of it, but they get a piece of the 'Spawn-verse,' whatever you wanna call it, 'Spawn Universe,' with Sam and Twitch."

While the series might be set in the same universe in which Spawn resides, that doesn't mean the character will necessarily show up.

"So is it possible that if something came along and they ask me I could lend [the character] for an episode? It's possible," the creator revealed. "I mean, again, I have all the ownership."

Kevin Smith is currently the main creative force for the TV series, whose known for his comedic works, which the series would surely lean into.

"One thing that Kevin I were talking about yesterday when we were meeting with both AMC and BBC America to see if we can get it across the finish line here, to say, 'Let's just go have some fun with this thing,'" McFarlane teased. "Kevin's take on my characters is gonna have a lot of, as he called it, 'gallous' humor and it wouldn't be nearly as dark and foreboding as my bent on life."

The joy of this series leaning into the more comedic elements is that, with Spawn being an inherently dark character, the Sam and Twitch series could show off a completely different tone of that universe.

"I think it's okay that you can have something in this same universe and even connecting things, they don't all have to be the same," McFarlane pointed out of the different tone. "The comic books don't have to be the video game that don't have to be the novels that don't have be the TV show that don't have to be the movie. I think you can do all different kinds of thing."

McFarlane used Batman and its various adaptations to confirm his point.

"Because if you look at something like Batman, that has the movies and then you had the TV show and even that old Adam West version, which I like, and then you have the animation Batman and then you have the comic book Batman, you have the video game," the creator detailed. "All those are slightly different and have a different tonality and so you just put it out there. The brand of Batman is super strong in then you just let the consumer decide which one of those five, if any, that they like. And they might like three of the five. They might like five out of the five, but you leave that up to the consumer."


"I don't ever expect that anything that I do, that everybody has to consume it, the same people," McFarlane confessed. "You just keep putting out variations of stuff and various ideas and you hope that some of the consumers will nibble at a couple of them."

Stay tuned for all the latest details on the Spawn-Verse.