Stacey Abrams Pays Tribute To Supernatural Coming To an End

Politician and activist Stacey Abrams is a major Supernatural fan, having revealed in a recent interview with Time that she's even skipped church before to catch up on the series. Abrams' love for the series earned her a major shout-out on social media from Supernatural creator and The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke in the days after the presidential election as Georgia's vote count shifted from red to blue. Now, Abrams has responded to that shout-out, honoring the long-running series by calling it "terrifically kind" and revealing how she's preparing for the series' epic end.

On Twitter this weekend, Abrams revealed that she's actually "saving up" the final episodes so that she can have one last binge of the beloved series, delaying the sadness of the end as long as she can.

"Hello! I'm saving up the final episodes for an epic binge & to delay the inevitable sadness. Y'all came into my life during the 2018 Gov primary & never left. Smart, funny, irreverent & so terrifically kind in its forgiveness of mistakes, hubris + human error. #SPNFamilyForever" she wrote.

Abrams ran for Georgia state governor in 2018 and, following a narrow defeat in an election that was marked by accusations of voter suppression, turned her efforts towards addressing issues of voter suppression, founding the Fair Fight Action organization, an initiative that is aimed at ensuring elections across the United States are more equitable.

As for the end of Supernatural, when Abrams does sit down to watch them and see how things end for the series, she's in for quite a ride. The most recent episode, "Inherit the Earth", saw Sam and Dean victorious in their battle with God/Chuck, though it also saw Jack ultimately absorbing God's powers. It's an episode that closed out the show's mythology, leaving only more personal elements to close out in the show's upcoming final hour.

"Everything is pretty mythology-focused up until the finale," co-showrunner Andrew Dabb told Entertainment Weekly recently. "[The finale] is a little bit more of an old-school episode."

"When we were going to shoot the episodes, I did a final re-read and made some final tweaks," Dabb said. "Jared [Padalecki] weighed in and Jensen [Ackles] weighed in, and [co-showrunner] Bob Singer. We just wanted to really make sure it was landing the right way."

The Supernatural series finale, "Carry On" airs Thursday, November 19th at 9 p.m. ET. A special retrospective and celebratory episode, "Supernatural: The Long Road Home" precedes the finale at 8 p.m. ET. on The CW.

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