Star Wars: Andor Season 2 to Cover Three Days Before Rogue One

Star Wars: Andor is set to cover the three days before Rogue One in Season 2. Empire Magazine talked to showrunner Tony Gilroy about the upcoming trip back into that corner of the galaxy far, far away. In those comments, the creative did mention that the final three entries will involve "the last three days before Rogue One." But, with that on the table, it will be a mad dash to spend as much time with these characters as possible. The tension was already building throughout Andor Season 1. And, that probably will only heighten as Season 2 gets rolling. Check out what else he had to say about the risks on the table for the upcoming events on Disney+ down below!

"In every way," Gilroy said. "Look, man, I'm not trying to make a career here; if anything I'm on the downhill side of a long career. But this is an opportunity. This is 1,500 pages of the most dynamic material in these people's lives to deal with. We got it right the first time, and you don't want to let your foot off the gas."

How Do The Stars Feel About Andor?

Diego Luna is a fan-favorite in Star Wars canon. He talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the series last year. "It wasn't just that; I always had a feeling that this wasn't gonna see the light [of day] till it did," Luna began. "I kept going, 'This is too perfect. This is working.' The whole idea, I always thought, 'That's impossible.' Throughout the whole process, we did exactly what we thought was best. We never prioritized anything but the show. The writing took the time it needed to take, and we got the best cast you can have. So everything just kept getting better and better, and I always had the feeling that something had to go wrong. But it didn't. We had the freedom and the support of Disney and Lucas[film]. We had the confidence of Kathy [Kennedy] behind the show."

"I felt proud of it," he continued. "Even today, I feel not just lucky, but fortunate to be a part of something like this and to be working with people I believe in. We have a team and we have a structure that keeps pushing us to be better and to take more risks and to get further. So it's quite impressive from every angle. It happens on every level of the show, with every department."

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