Supergirl: Jesse Rath Teases "Intense" Confrontation Between Brainy and Nia

Of all of the changes that fans of Supergirl have seen since "Crisis on Infinite Earths" there's one that has been especially difficult: the breakup of Brainy (Jesse Rath) and Nia Nal/Dreamer (Nicole Maines). The couple had just begun to sort of find their footing when Brainy made the painful decision to push Nia away so that he, unbeknownst to her or the rest of Team Supergirl, could work with Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) to save the world -- advice he was given by a female version of himself from a now-lost world in the Multiverse. It's a situation that as certainly taken a toll on both characters, but according to Rath, the situation is going to come to a head in Sunday night's "The Missing Link."

In a recent interview with, Rath said that while he doesn't know exactly how the shortened season will look overall for Brainy and Nia since the coronavirus pandemic-related production shutdown may have shifted things a bit, in "The Missing Link" Nia will finally confront Brainy about his work with Lex Luthor.

"It's weird now, because [Episode 20] is not going to be this season," Rath said. "There're certain things I don't know if we'll get until maybe the next season or what's going to happen with some scenes. In terms of the next episode, Episode 18, Nia... it's either 18 or 19, but Nia starts to have dreams about Brainy and premonitions about Brainy and she starts to maybe catch on to what's going on with them. He will be confronted by her in this next episode. In Episode 18 she confronts Brainy about his working with Lex and that storyline comes to a head there."

And it sounds like Nia won't be the only person questioning Brainy about what's been going on. Rath explained that Brainy's been having a hard time dealing with going behind the backs of his friends and in "The Missing Link" it all starts to come crumbling down -- and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) has some questions as well.


"You'll see in this next episode, Episode 18, we'll find that kind of storyline comes to a head and the world starts crumbling around him," Rath said. "It's a pretty action-packed episode. He'll be confronted by Nia and Supergirl about all of this Lex alliance. It's pretty intense, so I don't want to give away too much. It's all coming together in these next two episodes."

Supergirl airs Sundays at 9/8c on The CW. "The Missing Link" airs May 10th.