Supernatural's Showrunner Hints at Jack's Important Comeback

The hearts of Supernatural fans collectively broke in Season 14 when Chuck, revealed to be God, got back at Sam, Dean, and Castiel by killing Jack. It was a dagger to all of their chests, ours as well, but there is always hope that death is never the end on Supernatural. Thanks to the Nephilim waking up in the Empty we know that a return for Jack is definitely possible, but will it actually happen? Ahead of the Season 15 premiere, it looks like co-showrunner Andrew Dabb is confirming that Jack will indeed find his way back to the land of the living sometime soon.

While speaking to EW about the new season, Dabb explained that Jack's struggles will continue in Season 15, and that he'll still be playing a major part in the show as it races to the finish line.

"Jack's being pulled into some larger plans," said Dabb. "Jack's always been a part of that — there have been cosmic forces fighting for his attention since he was in the womb — and that will continue. As much as this season is about Sam and Dean finding agency, it's also about Castiel finding agency, and it's about Jack finding agency. As always, death is never the end. It's just part of the journey and that's certainly true with Jack."

So Jack is definitely coming back in the final season of Supernatural, but he certainly won't be the only one. Dabb also confirmed that the show will try to bring other characters from Sam and Dean's past into the fold as they square off against God.

"Because it's our last season, we are not afraid to bring back people who we love or who the guys have some history with, because even if it's a character from season 3 or 4 or 7 or 8, the Sam and Dean they knew are not the same Sam and Dean as they're encountering right now," he explained. "This Sam and Dean have been through a lot more. And God's playing with them a little bit, he's toying with them. He's pulling these old familiar faces out in some ways to see what they do. And it's fun for him."


Are you glad to know that Jack will be back in the final season of Supernatural? What other characters from the show's history are you hoping to see make their return? Let us know in the comments!

Supernatural returns for its final season premiere on Thursday, October 10th at 8 pm ET on The CW.