Supernatural Stars Return for Final 60 Days of Filming

Supernatural has kept fans entertained for over a decade. These days, the TV show has amassed a loyal fan all around the world, but every story must come to an end. The CW hit will come to an end with its current season, and the cast has returned to set for the final days of filming.

Taking to Instagram, fans of Supernatural were updated on how season fifteen is doing. Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester, shared a photo of himself behind the scenes once he got back onto the set.

"Farewell final holiday beard. You’ve been a close friend these last 15 years... (like, REALLY close... in all honesty, you’re right up in my face sometimes). Hello Sam Winchester," the actor said. "Take us home."

The post shows Padalecki rocking a short beard before it was gone entirely. It seems like Sam may have a change in facial hair for part of season fifteen, so fans will want to pay close attention to it.

Of course, Padalecki is not the only one on set. Misha Collins (Castiel) posted a photo of Jensen Ackles (Dean) before one of the set slates. The star is pulling a sad face as stands next to the plaque confirming they are on filming day 100 out of 160.

"Only 60 days of filming left after 15 years and SOMEONE is having a hard time keeping it together," Collins captioned the photo.

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Only 60 days of filming left after 15 years and SOMEONE is having a hard time keeping it together.

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For those feeling sad about the finale, you are not alone. Millions of fans are upset to see the show end, and the cast of Supernatural feels the same. All we can do is enjoy its final episodes before Supernatural retires on Monday, May 18.


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Supernatural is currently on winter hiatus and will return Thursday, January 16th. "The Heroes Journey" is set to air a week later on January 23rd.