Ted Lasso Season 3 Already a Hit on Rotten Tomatoes

Ted Lasso has already been stacking up positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. While the newest episodes aren't out in the world with viewers yet, critics have thoroughly enjoyed the most recent Ted Lasso episodes. On Rotten Tomatoes, the AppleTV+ juggernaut sits at a 94% on the Tomatometer. That's overwhelmingly positive with 18 reviews in so far. It's hard to imagine it won't be the same case as more takes roll in. Even more reasonably, you can expect longtime fans to enjoy the catharsis of this season with all of their favorite characters in Ted Lasso.

AppleTV+ has delivered a synopsis for the upcoming season: "College-level American football coach Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) is hired to coach AFC Richmond, a professional soccer team in England, despite having any knowledge of the game. His boss, Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham), is the new owner of AFC Richmond following her divorce. The extremly affable Lasso doesn't realize she hired him because she wants to see the team tank, in order to get back at her ex-husband, who cheated on her with a younger woman. Helping her in this task is Director of Football Operations Leslie Higgins (Jeremy Swift). However, with his longtime assistant, Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt), Lasso begins to make headway with the team"

Will There Be More Ted Lasso After This Season?

When it comes to Ted Lasso, there's no doubt that everyone involved has been enjoying the massive success. Sudeikis especially has reaped the benefits of the now-beloved character. But, Warner Bros. Television and Apple TV are also grateful to the entire team for creating such a positive show that so many people really truly love. In fact, if there's a way to hash out a deal for more Ted Lasso, both parties would be absolutely down for it.

"What had initially been the vision that Jason and Bill [Lawrence] had, when they went into Season 1, was very much a three-act structure," Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Television Group Channing Dungey told the outlet. "Then I think it becomes one of those things that as you get going with it, and if you fall in love with that world and those characters, it's hard to say goodbye."

She added, "The end of the season, it ends beautifully ... If that is all we do in the Ted Lasso universe, I think the fans will be really happy and excited. But there's also a way to crack open a door. If we're fortunate enough to do more, we can keep on going."

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