Ted Lasso Star Breaks Down That Shocking Season 3 Twist

The highly anticipated third (and perhaps) final season of Ted Lasso has finally arrived on Apple TV+. The first episode of the new season debuted on Tuesday night and kicked off a new era in the world of Richmond A.F.C. Nate is leading West Ham United, Ted is having an even harder time being away from his son, and one of the most beloved duos on the show have apparently split up. WARNING: Major Ted Lasso Season 3 spoilers ahead!

In a surprising twist, fan-favorite couple Roy and Keeley reveal in the Ted Lasso season premiere that they decided to break up. Neither one of them seems incredibly confident in the decision, but their newly busy lives have given them much less time to spend together. Fans obviously hope that the two will find a way back together at some point during the season. Following the premiere, star Juno Temple opened up about Keeley's split from Roy, and how it could change over the course of the season.

"I think it's sad, and I also think it's something that is kind of unclear," Temple told EW. "It's something that needs to be talked about further for Keeley, at least. I think she's not entirely sure what's going on with it."

"She's got to focus on running her PR company, which is a huge deal," the actress continued. "That's a big opportunity, and terrifying, and she's learning as she goes with that. So she's got both of these big things going on in the beginning of season 3, but with the fact that she's now got this company that she's the boss of it's almost like all her focus has to go into that for that to work and for her to feel confident in doing it."

Temple went on to say that things could evolve as Keeley stops to process the breakup, but her work hasn't offered her the opportunity to do that just yet.

"There's not really immediately time to process it, but I think it's also something that she's maybe not processing because she's not sure what it is or what she wants it to be, either," Temple explained. "She figures out a lot this season. She's got a lot happening, and she goes through a lot, and she learns a lot. That's something I'm really excited to put out there, and I hope people enjoy seeing her journey and seeing her grow and make mistakes and how to patch them back together with some really nice flowers and glitter and in Keeley ways, but also doing it with real intelligence."

The Season 3 premiere of Ted Lasso is now streaming on Apple TV+. New episodes arrive every Wednesday.