Teletubbies Clarifies That Sun Baby Did Not Have a Baby

If you were a kid of the 1990s there's a good chance you remember Teletubbies. A British pre-school children's television program, the series followed four colorful creatures called "Teletubbies", so named for the tv screens in their tummies. They spoke gibberish, sparked some controversy in 1999 when one of the characters, Tinky Winky, started carrying a purse, but also featured a few other elements of interest, including a character called the Sun Baby. The Sun Baby was literally a sunshine with the face of a real human baby. That baby, Jess Smith, is now an adult and a photo of her as an adult holding a baby that went viral recently has the official Teletubbies' Twitter account setting the record straight: The Sun Baby did not have a baby of her own.

Here's the context: On Monday, a BBC host named Greg James retweeted a post of the photo of Smith with a baby claiming that the Sun Baby had had a baby, the implication being that the child in the picture with Smith was her own. You can check it out below.

However, the child Smith is holding isn't her own. Instead, it's the child who plays the Sun Baby in the rebooted version of the series. Technically, the picture is of two Sun Babies, which is touching and sweet in its own way. Teletubbies' official UK Twitter account directly clarified that on Monday as well as replied to James' tweet, noting that seeing the original with the new Sun Baby, named Berry, makes them feel old, too.

As for what Smith, the original Sun Baby is actually doing these days, that may make you feel a bit old, too. According to Heavy, Smith is currently studying dance education though the information appears to have come from her Twitter account which hasn't been updated much since 2017.


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