The Boys Season 2: How Stormfront Is Way Different From the Comics

Potential spoilers ahead for the second season of The Boys! Proceed with caution if you want to go into this season completely spoiler-free. The first episodes are available now!

With season two of The Boys, the show's version of the Justice League/Avengers "The Seven" finds themselves still short a man and they quickly gather a replacement. Joining the team in the first episode of the new season is Aya Cash as the hero Stormfront, another character that hails directly from the pages of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's comic series. Unlike some of the characters that appear in the show that almost stepped out of the graphic novels completely, Stormfront comes with a few major differences from her comic book counterpart and not just in the gender-swapped casting of the role.

The similarities are quick, the comic book and tv versions of the character are both named Stormfront and they have electricity/flying powers. As for the differences, they're varied. Aya Cash's character quickly develops an antagonistic relationship with The Homelander in the group, not listening to his leadership and going out of her way to undermine him; in the comics the pair share no scenes together since they're not even on the same superhero teams. Stormfront's personality is also quite different in these scenes and throughout her time with The Seven, expressing a cavalier attitude towards Vought's directives and being openly hostile to them in interviews with the press for kicks.

The biggest difference in the character though is the level of nuance applied to them. In the pages of the comics, Stormfront is flat out a Hitler loving Nazi from the word go, while in the TV series the character doesn't clearly harbor this allegiance despite being a bit of a mystery to the other members of The Seven. The character has motivations, tense moments with others, fun jokes to make for the audience, and even a bit of a playful side in the TV series, whereas her comic book counterpart is a pretty cookie cutter version of a cartoon villain that shouts mostly in German.

Some of the sadism and racism is clearly there though as the third episode of season two see's Aya Cash's Stormfront choke and kill Kimiko's brother Kenji. While watching him die she even says that she "loves to see the light go out." There's clearly a lot more to Stormfront in The Boys TV show than in Garth's original work, and more will continue to unfold as the season continues on Amazon.


The first three episodes of The Boys Season Two are now on Amazon Prime Video. The next five episodes will be released weekly.