The Boys Showrunner Teases "Madness" of Season 3's Herogasm Episode

Over the past few years, The Boys has gone from a beloved comic series to a bonafide phenomenon, with the Amazon adaptation of the series spawning several spinoffs and even scoring Emmy nominations. With the third season of the series on the horizon, fans are curious to see what else will be weaved into the violent and boundary-pushing superhero satire — including the "Herogasm" episode, which will adapt the debaucherous event of the same name from the comics. As showrunner Eric Kripke recently revealed, the episode will more than live up to the hype.

"There's definitely a lot of madness," Kripke explained in a recent interview with TV Guide Magazine's Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Collector's Issue (via TVInsider). It's not a secret that we're doing an episode about "Herogasm" from the comics [a six-issue limited series from comics writer Garth Ennis], which is a massive superhero orgy. And we're doing something in the first episode that I think is definitely the craziest thing we've ever pulled off…and might be one of the craziest things anybody's ever tried to pull off."

The cast and crew of The Boys had previously teased that the latest batch of episodes would be particularly wild.

"Without giving away any spoilers, I was just in editing yesterday, and we're doing something here in the season 3 premiere that is not only I think the craziest thing we've ever done, it's got to be up there with the craziest thing anyone's ever done," Kripke said in an interview earlier this year. "Maybe it won't work. Who knows? But I'm just so high on this gag that we're pulling off. And it's certainly something nobody has ever seen before, probably for good reason. So all that's really exciting."

"Oh, my God, [Season 3] is hands down one of the most enjoyable seasons of TV I've had the good fortune of being involved with!" Homelander actor Antony Starr recently shared with TVLine. "I had a great time on Season 2, and I thought we did something really cool there where we took it next-level in many ways from Season 1, and really, it's just the extension of that."

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