'The Lost Boys' Pilot Begins Filming Next Month

The CW is becoming known for rebooting older properties and giving them a fresh take and one of [...]

The CW is becoming known for rebooting older properties and giving them a fresh take and one of the next projects on their list is a new TV series based on the 1987 horror film The Lost Boys.

Thanks to a notice from Production Weekly, we now know the pilot will begin filming very soon. March 13th is the expected start date and it is rumored to begin in Vancouver. The first episode of the teen vampire show is being helmed by Twilight director, Catherine Hardwicke.

According to a previous report from Deadline, Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf), Kiele Sanchez (Kingdom), Medalion Rahimi (Still Star-Crossed), and Dakota Shapiro (Valley of the Boom) have all been cast in lead roles for the pilot, which is being written by Heather Mitchell. Mitchell is also producing the show alongside iZombie and Veronica Mars showrunner, Rob Thomas, as well as Dan Etheridge, Mike Karz, and Bill Bindley.

The show is expected to follow two brothers who move to Santa Carla, California with their mother after the death of their father. The boys will quickly find themselves immersed the secret underworld of vampires.

Sanchez is set to play Lucy, the mother (originally played by Dianne Weist), who escaped the town many years earlier when she ditched her boyfriend to run off with another man. Posey will be playing Michael (Jason Patric in the original film), Lucy's oldest son whose plans to attend medical school were thrown off by his own medical diagnosis. Shapiro will be playing the bad boy vampire, David, who was originally played by Kiefer Sutherland. Rahimi will play Stella (a role originated by Jami Gertz), a young woman who befriends Michael.

It was recently revealed that two characters from the original film will be gender-swapped. The Frog Brothers, who were played by Cory Feldman and Jamison Newlander, are now going to be the Frog Sisters. In the movie, the characters ran a local comic book store and considered themselves vampire hunters.

The Lost Boys isn't the only vampire content coming to television. A series based off the 2014 horror comedy What We Do in the Shadows is also coming to FX on March 27th. The new series is being produced by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, who helmed the original film. There is also a Vampire Chronicles pilot in the works from Hulu based off of the Anne Rice novels of the same name. It was recently announced that Dee Johnson would be serving as the series' showrunner.

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