The Simpsons Latest Season Is Now Streaming

The longest-running series in primetime finally has a new season available to stream online. The Simpsons has just started its 34th season on TV, and Wednesday marked the debut of Season 33 on streaming. Disney+, the streaming home of the entire Simpsons franchise, finally made the latest season available to subscribers, allowing folks to binge through last year's episodes as they start watching the season that's currently airing on FOX.

The Simpsons Season 33 consists of 22 total episodes, giving fans with a Disney+ subscription a whole lot more to watch in the coming weeks. One of those new episodes is the 32nd edition of Treehouse of Horror, which includes a spoof of Parasite. 

In addition to streaming all previous seasons of The Simpsons, Disney+ is also home to quite a few Simpsons shorts, which have been released as originals over the last couple of years. The latest short, which arrived on Disney+ Day, is called "Welcome to the Club," and it features Lisa meeting up with some iconic Disney villains.

Last month,'s Patrick Cavanaugh spoke with The Simpsons showrunner Al Jean about the new, Disney-themed short and how it came to be.

"Well, we're always trying to figure out a way to mesh with the Disney universe, and I had thought Lisa could join their princesses. I thought, 'You know what would be more fun? Is that she tried to join the villains.' So that was the genesis of this," Jean explained. "And, really, when you think about it, in these movies, you never remember the prince's name, but you always remember the villain's name, and they're much more relatable, their human ambitions and feelings, and so it was really fun to write and have people sing these characters, and to do animation, in some cases, with people who'd worked on the originals, which was fantastic."

Are you going to be binging the latest season of The Simpsons now that it has arrived on Disney+? Which season of the series is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!