'The Walking Dead' Star Scott Wilson's Cause Of Death Confirmed By His Rep

The Walking Dead actor Scott Wilson's cause of death has been officially confirmed, according to a new report by TMZ.

Wilson passed away suddenly on Saturday. According to his rep, Dominic Mancini, Wilson died of complications from his leukemia. The actor was in his home in Los Angeles, where Mancini said that he went peacefully.
Mancini called Wilson "a national treasure, a calm voice, and a gentle spirit to everyone who came in contact with him."

Wilson was set to reprise his role on The Walking Dead in season 9, which premieres on Sunday. Showrunner Angela Kang announced Wilson's return to a delighted crowd at New York Comic Con this weekend, along with his former co-stars Jon Bernthal, who plays Shane and Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Sasha. Wilson himself played Hershel, the kindly farm owner who took in Rick and the rest of his group at great personal risk to himself, and stuck with them after that.

Thankfully, Wilson had already filmed a number of scenes for the upcoming season. ComicBook.com learned that Wilson had completed his first three episodes of the new season, and AMC intends to keep him in the production while they can.

Wilson's Hollywood history goes back much further than The Walking Dead, of course. He began acting professionally in 1967, with a role in a film called In the Heat of the Night. Over the years, he took on some massive roles, including the part of George Wilson in The Great Gatsby (1974) and a part on The Twilight Zone in 1986. At the turn of the millenium, Wislon had a recurring role as Sam Braun on CSI, and more recently he appeared on Bosch, Damien and The OA on TV.

Still, for most Wilson will likely be remembered as the no-nonsense farmer who knew how to fight back a zombie horde. Wilson's long-time co-workers paid tribute to him on Twitter, mourning alongside his fans.


"We are deeply saddened to report that Scott Wilson, the incredible actor who played Hershel on #TheWalkingDead, has passed away at the age of 76," wrote the show's official Twitter account. "Our thoughts are with his family and friends. Rest in paradise, Scott. We love you!"

"The first time I met Scott Wilson, he gave me a big hug and said that this thing I had become apart of... was a family," recalled co-star Khary Payton. "He said I had a responsibility to take care of it. I have tried very hard to do that, sir. & I will continue. I promise. See you on the other side, my friend."