The Walking Dead Refresher Video Recaps The Whisperer War Ahead of Season 10 Finale

Relive the horror of The Whisperer War with an official recap video of the second half of The [...]

Relive the horror of The Whisperer War with an official recap video of the second half of The Walking Dead Season 10, which airs its blockbuster-sized season finale next Sunday on AMC. Our heroes survived a walker-filled cave when escaping a trap laid by Alpha (Samantha Morton) only to find their communities under attack from the Whisperers, including Beta (Ryan Hurst), who slaughtered his way through Alexandria before murdering turncoat Mary (Thora Birch). With Michonne (Danai Gurira) out of the picture, leaving Daryl (Norman Reedus) as the de facto leader, the survivors must destroy Beta's zombie horde and silence the Whisperers once and for all.

"I think that our people and Beta and the Whisperers, they're all on a collision course and it's finally all going to come to an epic head," showrunner Angela Kang previously told of the season finale that spent six months delayed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "People who watched the sneak previews will see that Maggie is back, and that's going to be part of the story."

Kang added, "Carol feels like she's got a lot to make up for. She'll be stepping up. We obviously have Daryl in a position of leadership. And Beta, and Negan, there's a lot of people with a lot of beef against each other, so that's all going to come to a head, too."

The first 15 episodes of The Walking Dead Season 10 are currently streaming free on AMC. Subscribers to the paid AMC+ premium service can view the episode early starting Thursday, October 1, three days before its television premiere on Sunday, October 4.

A bonus edition of "The Tower," the penultimate episode of the season that ended with Beta marching his walker army on the survivors holed up in an abandoned hospital tower, will air on television next Sunday. The television premiere airing of the season finale, "A Certain Doom," will follow at 9:00 pm, itself followed by the series premiere of new spinoff The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

Following the Special Event airing of the season finale on October 4, Season 10 will receive six new episodes to air in early 2021 on AMC. These all-new episodes, which bring a season's episode count to 22 for the first time, are currently in production. An eleventh and final season will premiere later next year.

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