Tiger King Star Jeff Lowe Gets Animals Taken Away By Law Enforcement

Tiger King star Jeff Lowe is in trouble with law enforcement again and they’ve come to collect his animals. Tiger King Park in Thackerville, Oklahoma got a visit from officers with a search and seizure warrant according to TMZ. Lowe says that his constitutional rights are being violated with these actions. However, that warrant says that the animal were under the protection of the Endangered Species Act. A federal judge issued the document as certified by the Eastern District of Oklahoma. The Tiger King star sent TMZ video of his liligers being carted away, which he argues isn’t protected by that legislation. (For those unaware, a liliger is the product of a union between a male lion and a female tiger…)

In a comment to the publication, Lowe said, “This is why Lauren and I are moving overseas to take over an animal refuge there. 'Tiger King' made the USDA look so incompetent that they have a vendetta against everyone that was featured on the show."

Previously, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jonathan D. Brightbill of the Environment and Natural Resources Division had some choice words for the Tiger King star.

“The Lowes’ failure to provide basic veterinary care, appropriate food, and safe living conditions for the animals does not meet standards required by both the Animal Welfare Act and the Endangered Species Act,” Brightbill explained in a statement. “Exhibitors cannot evade the law simply by shutting out the USDA and moving their animals elsewhere. The Department of Justice will support the USDA in pursuing those who violate federal animal protection laws.”


“Animal exhibitors, whether they exhibit in person or online, must possess a license and provide adequate care for their animals as provided for by Animal Welfare Act regulations,” U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) General Counsel Stephen A. Vaden chimed in. “This action reflects the priority that USDA places on the enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act.”

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