Toheeb Jimoh Picks Nicest Character in Ted Lasso

The third episode of Ted Lasso's third season is now streaming on Apple TV+, and it featured the players of AFC Richmond checking out Sam's (Toheeb Jimoh) new restaurant. This week,'s Chris Killian caught up with Jimoh alongside Heather Agyepong while they were promoting their new show, The Power. During the chat, Ted Lasso came up, and Killian asked Jimoh who he thought was the nicest character on Ted Lasso, which is a pretty hard question considering the series is built around sweet people.  

"Oh, man. I mean, Sam came in nice, I guess," Jimoh pondered. "And then only got nicer because of Ted Lasso and his teachings in the Lasso way. I think it'd have to go, because then also there's Danny Rojas [Cristo Fernández] as well. You can kind of throw him in there, too. We're kind of like the sunny ones ... I wanna go for Sam because I'm biased, I think Sam ... He's just super open man and I think like, Ted's probably a lot more mature and can, you know, he's older so, like beating him up a bit more, I guess. But with Sam, he's still really young and really open and, you know, especially in the first season. So, yeah .... I'm gonna pick Sam."

Will Sam and Rebecca Get Back Together in Ted Lasso?

Sam and Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) had an unexpected romance in Season 2 that hadn't been addressed in the new season until the latest episode. Rebecca paid a visit to her mother's psychic who told her that she will become a mother. The only clue she was given was that a green matchbook would be involved, and the end of the episode saw Sam handing out green matchbooks from his restaurant. Waddingham spoke with TVLine about what this week's revelation could mean for the future. 

"I had no knowledge in Season 1 – when I signed up for it – I had no knowledge about the whole baby thing, and [series co-creator] Jason [Sudeikis] and I had never spoken about it," Waddingham said. "So when that all came up, and Rupert basically saying 'I just didn't want to have a child with you,' that hit me so hard because I thought, of all the things I could've chosen, without ever speaking to any of the creatives about it, that was my sticking point with her. That's where all her sadness and darkness and desperation [comes from]," and it's what "would make her act so extreme."

"Hmm... I'm not sure," Jimoh added. "I think I'll leave that up to audiences to decide. All I will say is, the most important thing about the two of them is that they care about each other. That is the core of their relationship, and they will never not have what they had in Season 2. That romance will always be a part of them. It's their shared experience, you know? They can never go back from that. But for the most part, they just care about each other and they want each other to be happy, and that's the most important thing, so we will see."

Ted Lasso releases new Season 3 episodes on Apple TV+ on Wednesdays.