Tracker Recap With Spoilers: "Camden"

Tracker's return sees Colter Shaw looking for a missing dockworker.

After taking a week off, CBS' newest hit series is back with a brand new episode. Sunday night's episode of Tracker is the eighth edition of the show's freshman season, this time sending Colter Shaw up to Camden, Maine for a new case. In "Camden," Colter works to find a missing dockworker who disappeared just two weeks before his wedding. WARNING: This article contains complete spoilers for Tracker's latest episode...

"Camden" begins with a young man in the woods, having clearly just been an accident and is presumably at fault. An unseen companion encourages him to leave the scene behind. Colter arrives in Camden, Maine with a new job, as a woman put a $10,000 reward on her missing fiancee. The man in the picture, Ethan Sullivan, is the man we just saw in the woods. Sullivan worked the night shift at the docks a couple of nights ago and hasn't been seen since. He's supposed to get married in a couple of weeks and Colter thinks maybe Sully has cold feet. The family, however, feels differently. Sully doesn't use a smart phone like most other people so getting a hold of him has been a challenge. His fiancee, Daniela, says that Sully had troubles with the law when he was younger but that he's been a "changed man" as he's gotten older.

Daniela's father isn't a big fan of Sully because of his checkered past. The dad doesn't believe a person can change, but there's not any evidence to support his concerns. The sheriff calls to report that Sully's car was found overturned in the woods, where we saw Sully at the beginning of the episode. Shaw finds a necklace in the car and it doesn't belong to Daniela. There's a spot of blood in the car but Colter notices that it didn't come from the accident itself. A sandbag from the driver's side makes it seem like the car was dumped on purpose. The sheriff talks with Colter about the difficult situation facing the town, especially the crime that has spiked with the workers lately. Colter believes someone named Ryan Hopkins could be involved, as they had a disagreement recently and he was calling Sully a lot before his disappearance.

With some help from Bobby, Colter tracks Ryan Hopkins down at the docks. Ryan says that he and Sully didn't have any issues, that he had been asking Sully for help getting some odds jobs at the dock where he works. Bobby finds some information about an ex-girlfriend of Sully's, Simone, who lives close to where the car was found and had calls to Sully recently. Colter shows up to her house to find it broken into and Simone dead on the floor.

While searching Simone's place, they find illustrations of the pendant that was found in the car. Colter thinks it wouldn't make sense for Sully to be the killer, since he wouldn't have had to break in. He heads to the restaurant where Sully likely met Simone before he went missing. The bartender says the two of them were there together and there didn't seem to be any issues between them when they left. A younger guy working at the bar seems to know a little more about things, though. He tells Colter a couple of guys came in after Sully. One of the guys, Clem, was "pretty scary" and just recently got out of prison. The guys left not long after Sully and Simone. When Colter leaves, the bartender — Tiffany — calls someone and tells them that people are looking for Sully.

Colter accompanies the sheriff to Clem's house to ask about Sully. An open window gives Colter a way into the house. A knocked-over chair with duct tape on the arms alludes to someone having been held captive. Colter finds out that Sully was the lookout on the botched robbery that got Clem sent to prison for four years. Sully got off with just a probation.

Tiffany leaves the cafe and heads to the docks, but she doesn't know that Colter is trailing her. He sees Clem let Tiffany inside a shed, followed by Ryan Hopkins exiting. Ryan heads over to a van where Sully is waiting. Sully, clearly beaten, is handed a gun and Clem joins them before the van drives out. Colter takes a photo of the men meeting and shows it to Daniela, who believes something deeper is going on, and that Sully isn't the criminal that the information is making him out to be. Daniela explains to Colter that Sully had been moonlighting as a security guard at King's Warehouse, picking up extra work to earn more money before the wedding. The warehouse is closed for maintenance for a few days but Sully still has access, and that's the place Ryan had been asking Sully about getting work. The facility is known for handling lobster coming in and out of Camden, but Colter believes they might be pushing something else through there.

According to Bobby, Sully's keycard just scanned into the warehouse, so Colter heads over there to find out what's going on. He knocks out Ryan and ties him up in the van, then finds an employee on the ground who had been hit by the robbery crew. Colter calls the sheriff for backup before heading into King's Warehouse. Inside, he finds Clem measuring drugs and loading the bags into lobster coolers — just as he expected. Someone is in the warehouse office, holding Sully at gunpoint and forcing him to turn the cameras off. Sully explains that Clem set up the entire situation with Simone to make it look like he was cheating on Daniela, buying them time to steal the drugs from the warehouse. They told Sully they'd been following Daniela and would kill her if he didn't cooperate. Sully takes the other man's gun and heads downstairs to kill Clem, trying to lock Colter behind him.

As Sully is about to kill Clem, Colter hops down to try and talk him out of it. Sully believes his past has caught up to him and will continue to do so unless he kills Clem, but Colter convinces him that Sully will get what he deserves. He lets Clem go and the police are waiting outside the door to take him back to prison. The sheriff tells Sully that there's enough on Clem to put him away for life. He also apologizes to Sully for misjudging him. Daniela's dad seems to finally come around on Sully after the case closes. Colter gives him the pendant that was found in the car, and he explains that Simone had made it for him to give to Daniela as a wedding gift.