New Wandavision Promo Image Shows New Look At Marvel Disney+ Show

Wandavision turned a lot of heads earlier this year when it was announced that the continuation of [...]

Wandavision turned a lot of heads earlier this year when it was announced that the continuation of Wanda Maximoff and the Vision's adventures would continue in 2020 with the Disney+ series that is set to launch before year's end, and it seems that a new promo image has been released thanks in part to a shop page created by the retailer, Zazzle. With Wandavision releasing a trailer recently that gave fans a better look into the strange tale that is shrouded in mystery, audiences are left debating just where this series will go and how these Avengers' stories will continue!

Zazzle also released a promotional image for Falcon and the Winter Soldier, another highly anticipated Disney+ series that is looking to continue the story of the Avengers in Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. Wandavision itself is set to take a lot from the comics, as the pair of Avengers had a deep relationship with one another, even having children at one point thanks in part to Wanda's powers and some supernatural shenanigans that were beyond their control. With their kids eventually becoming Wiccan and Speed of the Young Avengers, it will be interesting to see how these events will play out in the series if at all.

Zazzle, an online retailer that "allows customers to create their own products" such as stationary, masks, and more, has already set up a page for Wandavision, though the web site currently does not have any products listed for the series that will star Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany reprising their roles:

WandaVision Disney
(Photo: Disney)

The upcoming television series is that much more mysterious by the fact that the last time we saw Vision was in Avengers: Infinity War, which saw the Mind Stone being ripped from his forehead. As Thanos killed Vision in this horrific way, Wanda got some much needed revenge in Avengers: Endgame. With Vision back in the land of the living in this upcoming series, fans are scratching their heads debating how this is possible, with many believing that Wanda is taking a page from her comic book self in the story line of House of M. In said comic, Wanda's powers, and mind, spiraled out of control which caused her to resurrect friends and throw the world into chaos.

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