'Westworld': New Look at Samurai World Revealed

The Season 1 finale of Westworld had fans convinced that the series would be heading into [...]

The Season 1 finale of Westworld had fans convinced that the series would be heading into potential new parks, like Samurai World in its second installment. This week, the Delos viral website went a long way toward proving that fact.

A well-hidden hint in the Season 2 trailer directed viewers to DelosDestinations.com, the "official" website for the company that runs Westworld. Once there, if you scroll down just a bit, you'll see a grand view of an ancient Japanese landscape.

Pair that photo, which you can see below, with the Season 1 hint about "S-World," and it alludes to the inclusion of Samurai or Shogun World.

samurai world 2
(Photo: Delos Destinations)

If you dig around the site a little bit more, you'll find yet another look at the potential new park.

When you're on the Delos homepage, click on the "Experience" tab at the top center of the screen. You'll be taken to a new section of the site that includes a surprising twist.

A message that reads "Experience our worlds" comes onto the screen, before revealing a scrolling menu with six options. The first is Westworld, and it's an interactive option, allowing users to click into it and experience the park we all got to know in Season 1. Next up is a blurry image of an Asian-looking mountain region, seemingly alluding toward Samurai World once again. Unfortunately, you can't actually click into this park, so all of its details remain a mystery.

samurai world
(Photo: Delos Destinations)

The rest of the menu features four other park placeholders, all of which read "Reservations Closed to the Public" and "Authorized Personnel Only."

All of these clues, coupled with the numerous hints dropped back in 2016, make a compelling case for the show to travel to new worlds in Season 2.

Westworld is set to return to HBO at 9pm ET on Sunday, April 22.