Wheel of Time First Preview Released By Amazon

Amazon has released a brief audio clip from its upcoming Wheel of Time series. Earlier today, Amazon released a 16-second audio clip from its live action Wheel of Time series, which is currently in production. The clip features a man and a woman speaking to each other while a chaotic battle unfolds in the background. Madeleine Madden, the actress who plays Egwene, confirmed on her Instagram page that the clip was of her character and Perrin (Marcus Rutherford). You can check out the audio clip, which features a cool visual animation of the Wheel of Time logo, below.

The Wheel of Time is a live action adaptation of the popular fantasy book series by Robert Jordan (and completed by Brandon Sanderson after Jordan's death.) The book focuses on a group of teenagers from a remote village, one of which is supposedly the Dragon Reborn, the reincarnated champion of Light fated to both destroy and save the world. After their home is attacked, a powerful sorceress named Moiraine attempts to escort the group to safety, but they are quickly targeted by the forces of the Dragon's ancient foe The Dark One.

Based on the actors involved in the clip and the sounds in the background, the clip likely takes place in either the events of Shadar Logoth or during Perrin and Egwene's captivity by the Whitecloaks. In The Eye of the World, the duo are separated from their friends during a chaotic battle in the ancient city of Shadar Logoth and are eventually captured by the religious zealots known as the Whitecloaks.


No release date has been announced for The Wheel of Time, but production is currently underway. Hopefully we'll hear more news about the series (and perhaps a first full trailer) in the not so distant future.