Willie Garson's Cause Of Death Confirmed

Willie Garson's family has confirmed the cause of his death. The entertainment world was shocked when the beloved actor passed away recently. In an obituary that ran in the New York Times, his loved ones revealed that the Sex and The City star had pancreatic cancer. There were constant tributes to Garson following the news of his death. Positive messages about some experiences with him flooded Twitter and Instagram. Names like Kim Cattrall, Jason Alexander, Mia Farrow, and Julie Bowen all chimed in with kind things to say. It was a long, delightful career for Garson as he also enjoyed stints on White Collar, Little Manhattan, Stargate SG-1, and Hawaii Five-O. It's quite a run for an actor that was never a giant star, but rather kept grinding to earn the respect of his peers and carve out space for himself. His family noted that quality in the obituary.

"A working actor has been defined as 'an actor who while never achieving stardom, has a long and productive career and earns a better than decent living and has the admiration of his peers,' " the obituary reads. "Nothing could better describe Garson. For the last four decades, he appeared in over 300 television shows and over 70 films."

"Garson was a ubiquitous presence in American pop culture," his loved ones wrote. "He could be a classmate of Michael J. Fox on Family Ties or a waiter on a Cheers episode, or L. Harvey Oswald in an independent film Ruby or Bill Murray's assistant in Groundhog Day. He could just as easily be a TV executive in Soapdish as a man with mysterious luck in The X-Files as the president of an apartment board on Friends."

Garson talked about his own approach to his craft in a 2011 interview with DailyActor.  "It becomes more collaborative. So everything has a benefit to it. I just like to make each character as different as possible from the one I played for. That's what keeps it alive and it keeps doing this for a profession, interesting. So, I hope to be doing it for a good, long time and I hope to just keep making them as different as possible. I don't want anyone say, 'That's so similar to blah, blah, blah.'"

"Michael Cain, whose one of my favorite actors, he just said in his new book, 'If you're watching me in a movie or a TV show and you say, 'Oh my God, that Willie Garson is a great actor,' than I'm not really doing my job really well,'" Garson continued. "I want each character to have a life of its own and that becomes the joy whether it's something far away from me or whether it's something close to me. Mozzie is close to me but he's certainly not me. So that's the joy, it's what can I bring to it? So I like all of them."


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