Willow Star Reacts to Disney+ Cancellation

The sad news broke yesterday that Willow had been canceled by Disney+ after only one season. The show was a follow-up to the 1988 fantasy film of the same name and the saw return of Warwick Davis in the titular role. The cancellation was especially disappointing because of how much the show set up for the future and how many folks involved with the series were hopeful that it would get a second season. Today, Davis' on and offscreen daughter, Annabelle Davis, took to Twitter to share some thoughts about the disappointing news and reveal what playing Mims meant to her. 

"Willow was the most magical adventure. To see my Dad back in that iconic blue tunic and have the opportunity to stand alongside him with my brother was an honour," Davis wrote. "Mims helped me in so many ways – she brought back that zest for life. I miss her already, along with the rest of the Willow family. Thank you @JonKasdan, and everyone who made it possible. It will always be the most incredible year of my life." She added, "But I refuse to believe this is the end. There are so many more stories to tell. And after all, we waited long enough after the movie. Until next time ✨ #Willow" You can view the thread below:

What Has Jonathan Kasdan Said About Willow's Cancelation? 

Showrunner Jonathan Kasdan has not posted about the Willow cancellation yet. In a recent interview with Radio Times, he provided a promising update about Season 2, which had fans hopeful for a different outcome. He revealed that conversations with Lucasfilm and Disney+ about a second season of Willow were "going good" and that the team is "eager to do it."

Kasdan explained, "It's a strange and unpredictable time here in Hollywood. You see it all over the industry – there are shows that were well on their way to moving forward that haven't, shows that never expected to be in a second season that are – so you never know where you're going to be and you never know where the world is going to end up in a year or whatever." He added, "But I will tell you that these things take so long to get going and then to make that the attitude and the support from Lucasfilm has been: 'We definitely want to keep telling these stories, but we don't know what the future holds.'" 

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