WWE Icon "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's Beer Drinking Days Are Done

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin is known for two things: whippin' ass and drinking beer. But he just stopped doing one of them.

The 53-year-old WWE icon revealed on the Steve Austin Show that he's started a new health regiment and made the choice to end his alcohol consumption.

"My eating program is going fantastic. [I'm] sticking to my exact macros. [I've had] zero alcohol for right at 14 days now. Pounds are coming off. My strength is going up. Jesus Christ, I'm getting as strong as a goddamn horse over here," he said.

Austin quitting beer is like Ric Flair going celibate, but since it's in the name of a better lifestyle, we can't be mad at the Texas Rattlesnake.

"No alcohol, and when you hit the weights on a consistent basis and eat what you're supposed to, it is amazing the difference that you can make or I'm making," Austin continued, "I'm also doing my DDP Yoga s—t. Hell, I'm going to jump up here and do the splits like a goddang cheerleader in a minute! I'm flexible as a motherf—ker. Dallas' program works like a b—h. I appreciate it, Dallas. I appreciate it, man. That's a badass program. I'm sticking to it!"

At 53, Austin is the same age as Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker—both of whom competed in a WWE ring just last week. However, Austin seems set on staying retired, even though Michaels appeared to have an identical stance previously.


Austin does return to WWE programming every now and then, though. For Raw 25 in January, Austin took as all back to the Attitude Era when he hit his Stunner on both Vince and Shane McMahon. As it stands, that may be the last time we see Austin drink beer on camera. The WWE Hall of Famer never clarified if he was done drinking for good of this was a sacrifice in the name of his new diet, but we fully support Austin regardless if he's crushing Steve—Weisers or not.

[H/T Wrestling Inc.]