Alexa Bliss Provides An Update On Her Return To The Ring

It's been a long road back to the ring for Alexa Bliss, but the former WWE RAW and SmackDown Women's Champion sounds like she's confident that her return is coming soon.

Bliss spoke with former WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia at ACE Comic Con in Arizona on Friday and discussed her two and a half months off from performing in the ring. She also provided an update on the time table for her return to wrestling.

Speaking about what initially caused her absence, Bliss said, "It was one [concussion] that happened and then I went back too soon and re-aggravated it."

The injury forced Bliss to be pulled from a high profile match at WWE Evolution with Trish Stratus and Lita, as well as potential PPV matches at the Survivor Series and TLC.

"I plan on coming back pretty soon," Bliss explained. "It’s been - you know WWE is very careful when it comes to us with concussions, and any injury, and we have the best of the best taking care of us, and you have to go through concussion protocol. And everyone’s just being, you know, precautious. Which, they should, you know - it’s a brain, you only get one. Can’t trade it out for another.

"So I’ve been doing really well. I’ve been training at the Performance Center, I’ve been training in the ring there, so there’s definitely hope for me getting back in the ring relatively soon. It just depends on, you know - it’s a brain. You can’t really tell it to heal and it’s - my MRIs and everything look good, and neurologists say I look good, and as long as I don’t have symptoms. Cause that’s the thing. If you feel good, and you know you’re good and you go in the ring and you have a symptom, you have to start all the way from square one... Like if you get a headache, or memory loss, something like that. But I’ve been doing good, I’ve been feeling good, and hopefully sooner than later I’ll be doing Moment of Bliss and in the ring."

There had been rumors that Bliss could be transitioning away from active competition due to her post concussion risk. Serving as the temporary GM on RAW for the women's division, as well as her new "Moment of Bliss" segment, seemed to lend some credibility to the rumor. However, Bliss says that the idea of retiring from the ring has never been in her plans.

"No. It’s (in the ring) where I belong. It is my brain, but in the ring is where I want to be. That’s why I came to WWE, and I wanted to be a performer and I wanted to be in the ring, and I miss it so much, cause that’s where we have our fun. I love talking to people and shutting down the ‘what’ chants as much as any person but I want to be an active member on the roster and I want to be there for people’s moments. One of my favorite moments in WWE was when I got to be in the match with Nia when she won the title, even though it was from me. It was so cool having a match with your best friend at WrestleMania. I want those moments," she said.


Bliss is one of the best all around performers in the women's division, excelling in particular on the microphone. This has allowed her to stick around on television as a featured character during her absence from wrestling which has undoubtedly been an advantage.

It sounds like we will be seeing the former champ back in the very near future. Are you excited for Alexa Bliss' return? Let us know in the comments below.