Hulk Hogan Breaks Down All of The Mistakes Made With the New World Order in WCW

There once was a time where the New World Order, aka n.W.o., was the hottest act in all of professional wrestling. But between questionable storyline decisions and the faction's bloated numbers (62 total members), the group lost major amounts of momentum as the years passed. Hulk Hogan, the leader of the faction for most of its run, sat down with Booker T on a recent episode of his The Hall of Fame radio show and discussed what went wrong with the group.

"Even though we watered it down, brought too many guys in and didn't handle it right, a lot of guys sometimes didn't want to put their wrestling boots on," Hogan said. "Some guys would rather talk than wrestle and all that other crap going on."

Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, the original three members of the faction, were brought into the WWE in 2002 as part of a storyline involving Vince McMahon and Ric Flair. Hogan said WWE's creative team made the three take a sharp turn into being heels because of the positive reactions they were getting over WWE's own top babyfaces.

"When [we] came [to WWE], all the babyfaces like Triple H, The Rock and Steve Austin, we were the guys who were trying to put Vince McMahon out of business and now we are coming in as Vince McMahon's poison and to get a push," Hogan said. "We didn't really get a push they just threw us out there to see what would happen. We ended up rocking the place and all of a sudden all of the babyfaces up there are getting booed by the guys that are trying to put us out of business. They changed that really quick."

The trio eventually broke up when Hogan turned babyface after his WrestleMania X8 match with The Rock. Hogan said a lot of the problems with the faction stemmed from Eric Bischoff, the creative brains behind the group and an eventual member, having to balance running their creative direction while also running the entire promotion.

"He's running the company, so of course you tend to make mistakes, but I think he probably would have re-thought a lot of things if he had to do it over again now," he said.



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