WWE's Seth Rollins Debuts New X-Men Gear at Extreme Rules

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are looking to finish their rivalry with Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans, and for their big throwdown at WWE's Extreme Rules Rollins honored one of the X-Men's most iconic looks with some new ring gear. Rollins headed down to the ring with an all-black and yellow look that definitely homages the X-Men's New X-Men era of costumes, which featured all-black suits with yellow X's across their chest, and you can definitely see the resemblance in Rollins' gear.

Rollins' gear also bears a big resemblance to Lynch's ring gear, which we know is an inverted take on Kill Bill's The Bride. At first glance, Rollins' new gear is also based on this, but you can definitely see the large yellow X on his chest, and with Rollins being such a big Marvel fan, it seems he got two birds with one stone.

You can check out his awesome X-Men gear in the image below.

(Photo: WWE)

The match is a winner take all match, which means if Corbin and Evans win they would take both the WWE Universal Championship from Rollins and the Raw Women's Championship from Lynch. If they lose, then they can no longer challenge Rollins or Lynch for their Championships, and the two current Champs can move on to new opponents.


As for the X-Men gear, the look took hold during the New X-Men era of comics, which featured a big shakeup, both visually and narratively for Marvel's mutants courtesy of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. The X-Men ditched their more individual looks and became more of an organization rather than a team of superheroes, and took on a more cohesive visual look as a result.

In the past Rollins has also worn gear based on Marvel's Thanos (specifically his MCU appearance) as well as the new Quantum Avengers suits from Avengers: Endgame. We can't wait to see what look he takes on next, but in the meantime, you can check out his New X-Men look on Extreme Rules, which is airing right now on WWE Network.